What IS a webinar, anyway?

WEBINAR:  A mildly annoying short name for an online seminar or a presentation delivered via the Web.  Typically you see slides in your browser and hear the presenter through your computer speakers. In most live broadcasts, members of the audience can submit their burning questions by typing them in a small window.

You can use a webinar to educate people or to nurture relationships with your customers.  You can use them to collaborate with colleagues. Most webinars, however, are used as lead generation events. (More on that later.) Watch this short video about different types of webinars.

KILLER WEBINAR: A rare thing indeed!  How to recognize one:

  • It’s interesting, informative and entertaining. Notice I said “and” instead of “or” here.
  • You aren’t inclined to check your email or your Facebook page during the broadcast.
  • The speaker does not read bullet points aloud. Not even once.
  • You hope it’s being recorded so you can watch it again.
  • You tell your colleagues, your best friend or your mother, “You should see this!”

Want to do Killer Webinars yourself?  You’ve come to the right place.  Glad you could make it!

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